A selection of radio packages I have produced, either as part of my MA International Journalism at Cardiff Universty, or for the EFAradio podcast series.

Minority and Regional Languages: An Economic Opportunity?

The package below is part of the second EFA radio podcast. It explores how regional and minority languages can strengthen local economies.

 Dylan Thomas: To Begin at the Beginning.

2014 marked the centenary of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Throughout the year Swansea played a central role in the celebrations. The “ugly lovely town” made Dylan Thomas and he has left an unersasable mark on it. I went to the place where it all started, 5 Cwmdonkin Drive .This is a story about the house where Swansea’s most famous son was born and raised.

Rijeka: ‘Our Multiculturalism is our Nationalism’

This package was part of the first podcast of EFAradio. I went to the Croatian city Rijeka and found out what makes it different from the rest of the country and why the political party Lista za Rijeku is demanding more autonomy.


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